Sanatorium Saryagash

Sanatorium Saryagash is a historical place in Kazakhstan. Many prominent figures of the Kazakh SSR visited him. Healing water was discovered by geologists who were looking for oil, when they reached the depth of more than 1000 meters, a hot key began to beat, the water from which, as it turned out, has medicinal properties. At one time, to determine the usefulness of water, it took little more than two years. Mineral water can be drunk in three temperatures, right from the well. Drinking and taking water with you is free. Bioptron This is an innovative medical device, the principle of which is based on a unique system of light treatment. In addition, it is an unusually effective tool for accelerating rehabilitation processes. Applies to: Affects directly to the affected area / on the diseased organ; Affects the biological active points. Light therapy Bioptron facilitates: improvement of microcirculation; normalization of metabolic processes; strengthening the body's defense system; stimulation of regenerative and reparative processes of the whole organism; healing of wounds; the removal of pain and reduce its intensity. Gynecological irrigation In our sanatorium mineral water "Saryagash" in gynecology is applied in the form of baths and irrigation. Gynecological irrigation is one of the most common methods of treating the inflammatory processes of the vagina and cervix. The essence of this procedure is to wash the vagina with a large amount of mineral water - up to 25 liters. INDICATIONS FOR CONDUCTING THE PROCEDURE: - Chronic inflammatory diseases of female genital organs - salpingoophoritis, perimetritis, endometritis, endocervicitis, cervicitis - Chronic diseases of pelvic fat - postoperative adhesions in the pelvic cavity, adhesions - Inflammation of the cervix uteri - Infertility primary and secondary - Hypoplasia, infantilism of the uterus - Disorders of menstrual function (hyper-, hypo-, algomenorea) - Climacteric syndrome, early, pathological menopause Darsonval The method of physiotherapeutic influence on superficial tissues and mucous membranes of the human body by pulse currents of high frequency. Applies to: diseases of blood vessels (varicose veins); neurology (neuritis, neuralgia, osteochondrosis of the spine, headaches with vegetative-vascular diseases); dermatology. Contraindications: individual intolerance to alternating current; bleeding and blood diseases, in which clotting processes are violated; malignant neoplasms; pregnancy; epilepsy; fever; heart rhythm disturbances; pulmonary tuberculosis in the active phase; presence of a pacemaker. DDT Therapy Diadynamic therapy refers to impulse therapy, which uses currents of different frequencies, fed in different regimes. The main effects in the treatment of diadynamic therapy: analgesic; vasoactive; trophic; myostimulating. Applies to: Diseases of the digestive system: gastritis, duodenitis, chronic course of peptic ulcer and duodenal ulcer, dyskinesia of the gallbladder and pathways; Neuritis, neuralgia, myalgia, neuromyositis; Diseases of the musculoskeletal system: osteochondrosis, deforming osteoarthritis, arthrosis, polyarthritis, periarthritis, spondylosis, epicondylitis, bursitis; Traumatic lesions: bruises, sprains, fractures (without metal elements of osteosynthesis), dislocations, stiffness of the joints after trauma. Duodenal sounding Duodenal sounding is a method used in diseases of the liver and bile ducts with diagnostic and therapeutic purposes. Either in the duodenum or parenterally, various stimuli are injected to stimulate contractions of the gallbladder and relax the sphincter of the common bile duct, which leads to the exit of bile into the duodenum. The excreted bile is aspirated through a probe inserted into the duodenum. Procedure of the procedure: 1. The probe indicates the distance from the navel to the front teeth of the patient in a standing position; 2. Sit the patient, give him a tray with a probe in his hands; 3. Put the olive deeply over the root of the tongue, offering deep breathing and swallowing movements. Oliva is presumably in the stomach if the probe has reached the first mark. In the event of a urge to vomit - the patient should grasp the probe with his lips and make a few deep sighs. 4. After the olive enters the stomach, the patient is placed on the right side of the hypochondrium. 5. The patient should continue to slowly swallow the probe. At the same time it is necessary to aspirate the contents of the stomach, which should facilitate the opening of the gatekeeper and the transition of the olive into the duodenum. 6. Portion "A" is released from the probe after the olive enters the gut. For analysis, take a tube with the most transparent contents. 7. To collect portion "B" one of the stimuli is injected, after that the probe is closed for 5-10 minutes, after which the dark olive bile is released - the concentrated content of the gall bladder. If this does not occur, then after 15-20 minutes, repeat the introduction of the stimulus. 8. Portion "C" - is allocated after a complete evacuation of the gallbladder. The liquid is transparent, without impurities - it is a mixture of bile from the intrahepatic bile ducts and intestinal juice. 9. After receiving portion "C", the probe is removed. Charcot's Shower More About SHARCO'S SHOWER. Today hydrotherapy has achieved great success and there are a number of useful procedures with the use of mineral water. One of such effective services, accepted in LLP LRK "Saryagash" - Shower Sharko. This hydrotherapeutic procedure is prescribed to improve blood circulation and strengthen immunity, also with arthritis, rheumatism and muscle weakness, tension and metabolic disorders. HOW IS IT ALL HAPPENING? 1. A resting person puts on rubber slippers and goes to the chair of Charcot shower at a distance of 3-3.5 m. 2. The procedure starts with a fan jet, pouring the patient from head to toe. First behind, and then in front 1-2 times. 4. Then they switch to a compact jet, conducting it more slowly. Starting from the back surface, one leg from the bottom up to the waist, then the second, repeating it 2-3 times. 5. When going to the back, a jet of water is sprayed a little. After that, 1-2 times a jet is carried along each elongated arm. 6. The respirator turns sideways, and alternately on each lateral surface, beginning with the foot and ending with the axilla (hands while the patient raises), direct the stream of water. 7. Then he turns his face to the pulpit, and a compact stream of water is directed 2-3 times alternately to his feet and fan on his stomach. With special indications, the abdomen is massaged in a circular motion along the course of the large intestine of a compact jet and finishes all procedures of the fan jet. 8. In order to obtain the necessary response, said manipulations are carried out in the same manner repeatedly. At the same time sparing the spine and avoiding the jet on the face, head, mammary glands, heart area and genitals. 9. The water temperature at the beginning of treatment is 35-32 ° С (if necessary and 42-40 ° С), at the end of 20-15 ° С, ie the temperature is reduced by 1-2 ° С daily. The duration of the procedure is from 1-2 to 3-5 minutes. 10. An indicator of proper holding of a jet shower is the expressed reddening of the skin. CONTRAINDICATIONS Do not take Charcot's Shower with: expressed cardiovascular pathologies (myocardial infarction, angina pectoris) Inhalation Steam inhalation is a treatment-and-prophylactic procedure that consists in inhalation with hot steam saturated with medicinal or other means. To get the full effect, inhalations are useful, with plant flavors. THERAPEUTIC EFFECTS OF INHALATION: - bronchodilator, - disinfecting, - anti-inflammatory, - expectorant, - anti-edematous and antiallergic, - wound-healing action, - the duration of the procedure is usually 10-15 minutes, - Treatment course from 5 to 15 procedures depending on the state of health, - after the procedure it is recommended to abstain for an hour from talking and smoking, - within half an hour not to go out into the cold air, The procedure is strictly according to the doctor's prescription. Intestinal irrigation Intestinal irrigation is a gentle washing of the large intestine in order to remove fecal toxins, detoxification, correction of the mineral balance of the body and restoration of the normal intestinal flora. Indications: - Disorders of bowel function (permanent constipation, diarrhea, dyskinesia of the intestine); -overweight; -Hemorrhoids without exacerbation; -intoxication of the body (including alcohol and drugs); gynecological diseases (cervical erosion); - skin diseases (psoriasis, acne, etc.); weakening of immunity; - Migraines and other headaches; -Prostatitis, decreased potency in men; - Chronic fatigue syndrome; -Allergic diseases (including bronchial asthma): increased gassing; - Preparation for the study of the large intestine; Preparation for pregnancy. What are the effects accompanying bowel cleansing? 1. Cleansing. Toxic products are eliminated from the body and no longer interfere with the metabolism. Fecal masses, accumulated for a long time, are deduced for several procedures. Once these slags are removed, your intestines can again normally digest and assimilate food. Bowel rinsing has a rejuvenating effect on your body. 2. Motor activity. Excretion of slag accumulations that disrupt normal peristalsis leads to restoration of the natural motor activity of the intestine. 3. Restore the size. With prolonged slagging of the intestine, its dimensions change. The intestine becomes atonic and increases in diameter, the stomach looks large and saggy at the same time. The mild action of water and light massage during the procedure leads to a gradual increase in the tone of the intestine and the restoration of the natural size of the anterior abdominal wall. 4. Stimulation of reflex zones. Each organ and system of the body is connected to the intestines through reflex zones. Bowel rinsing and light massage lead to irritation of these areas and, accordingly, the effect on the entire body. The total number of underwater intestinal lavages for treatment is determined by the attending physician, taking into account the individual characteristics of the patient, the nature of his illness and the tolerability of this method of treatment.
Name Price (KZT)
VIP люкс ( 2-х ком ) 3-13 корпус 16000
VIP люкс 4-коттедж 16000
VIP люкс (3-х ком ) 8- корпус 16000
Люкс ( о/мест ) 8-корпус 14000
Люкс ( 4-х мест) 5- 6 коттедж 14000
Люкс 2- 3-13-корпус: 3-коттедж 14000
Люкс ( 2-х комн) 1- 8-корпус 14000
полу/люкс ( 2-х комн) 5-корпус 12000
полу/люкс 1-6-8 корпус: (1-2 коттедж) 12000
стандарт 1-6 корпус 8500



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