Sanatorium Kazakhstan

Sanatorium Kazakhstan
JSC "Sanatorium Kazakhstan" is a multidisciplinary sanatorium with a wide range of medical services, including sanatorium treatment, rehabilitation and health improvement system, as well as hotel services. Since June 2014 the sanatorium was opened after a complete reconstruction. Along with the renovation of the rooms in the European style, new equipment was brought in for all branches, the sports complex and the swimming pool were rebuilt. JSC "Sanatorium Kazakhstan" begins its history in July 1985, and was known as a sanatorium "Sanatorium" Kazakhstan "of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Kazakh SSR", intended for sanatorium and health resort rehabilitation and rehabilitation after hospital treatment. Since March 1999, there has been a merger of the Sanatorium and the Ministry of Internal Affairs Hospital into one enterprise of the Republican State Medical Complex "Therapeutic Complex" Kazakhstan "of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan, thereby implementing a new approach to the activity and structure of medical institutions, providing comprehensive treatment - from complete diagnosis to rehabilitation in combination with outpatient, inpatient and sanatorium and health resort rehabilitation. Since April 2004, the RKKP "Therapeutic complex" Kazakhstan "of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan has been reorganized into the Joint Stock Company - Sanatorium Kazakhstan JSC. Over the years of its activity, JSC "Sanatorium Kazakhstan" has formed a large team of professionals, providing a continuous process of providing diagnostic, medical and spa services. Medical specialists - doctors of high qualification, professors and candidates of medical sciences, fluent in new methods and means of treatment, using for this purpose the newest medical equipment. Treatment and consultations are conducted in the areas of neurological, cardiological, therapeutic, urological, gynecological, and other profiles.  Mountain climate of the sanatorium, the beauty of the surrounding landscape is beneficial for patients with nervous and cardiovascular diseases, respiratory diseases, musculoskeletal system, as well as with gynecological and urological diseases. The health effects of climate are successfully combined with balneotherapy and mineral water, thermal and physiotherapy procedures. Wellness procedures of the sanatorium   A variety of unique techniques, the latest equipment, careful medical personnel. Family holiday       Take care of yourself and the health of your loved ones: 5, 7, 10, or a 14-day course of the health system for the whole family. A pool with mineral water and exercise therapy will make your stay useful! Corporate events      Trainings, conferences, business meetings. The conference hall is equipped with everything necessary for conducting business seminars. Hotel services 3 types of cozy and comfortable rooms with a beautiful view of the nature. Sporting events  The sports complex consists of a swimming pool (25 meters long), a gym, two gymnastics halls, a gaming hall (volleyball, basketball, football, big and table tennis, badminton, etc.). The complex also has halls for group and individual fitness, dance, yoga, and martial arts programs. At your service: cable TV, WI-FI, guarded parking.
Name Price (KZT)
Люкс двухместный без подселения 25000
стандарт двухместный без подселения 19000
Люкс двухместный 18000
Эконом двухместный без подселения 17000
стандарт двухместный 12500
Эконом двухместный 11000


  • Гульнара

    Мен анамды осы сиздерге жибергим келип жур. Анамның бауыры ауырады, с геппатитимен де ауырады. Билгим келгени сиздерде осы ауруларга кандай да бир ем бар ма? Тугелимен айыгатын демеймин арине аз да болса комегин тигизетин. және 1 апталык демалыс канша болады? Алдын ала рахмет!

  • Тамара

    санаторий замечательный, лечение, питание, оргапнизация отдыха отличные. Я была почти во всех санаториях Казахстана. В этом санатории цена и услуги гапрмонизированы. Все сделано по уму. Нет заоблачных цен, как в санатории "Алматы", большинству нормальных людей нужен хороший здоровый отдых, хорошие санитарно-гигиенические условия, лечение и оздоровление и самое главное адекватные цены за все это. Это выдержано только в санатории Казахстан. Говорят произошла смена хозяина, желаю, чтобы новый хозяин сделал все самое по уму. Успехов


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