Sanatorium Barlyk Arasan

Merited glory is the health resort Barlyk-Arasan, located on the north-western branch of the Barlyksky ridge on the right bank of the Arasanka River on the eastern side of Lake Alakol (18 km from the lake) in Barlyksky Gorge at an altitude of 579 meters above sea level. The health resort is built in the place of a deposit of underground mineral waters. Arasanka River flows along the bottom of the gorge, poplar, karagach, maple grow along the riverbed, and fruit trees can be found. The gorge is rich in steppe grasses. About 13 thermal mineral springs are concentrated along the gorge for 1.5 km, the existence of which has been known since the 18th century. In the sanatorium not all buildings are functioning, only one building is working. Repair has not been done for a long time, the conditions are lower than the economy. The presence of resort and sanatorium card is required. Delay, early departure is not compensated. Holidaymakers with pets in the sanatorium are not accepted. Medical indications: Diseases of the musculoskeletal system (rheumatoid polyarthritis, degenerative processes in the joints and spine) Diseases of the cardiovascular system of atherosclerotic and inflammatory nature Diseases of the central and peripheral nervous system (neuritis, lumbosacral radiculitis) Diseases of the female sexual sphere. Skin diseases: dermatitis, dermatosis, professional, allergic eczema. Holidaymakers live in a 5-storey building. Numbers 1, 2, 3 - local. There are 2-bed 2-room superior rooms and 2-bed 2-room suites with hot water. Each room has a wardrobe, beds, table, chairs. In the room of improved and luxury rooms there is a refrigerator, TV, soft furniture. All rooms have bathrooms, wash basins, a shower with cold water.
Name Price (KZT)
Люкс 2-х комнатный 2-х местный номер с бойлером 9900
Улучшенный 2-х комнатный 2-х местный номер 9000
1- местный стандартный номер 8500
2-х местный стандартный номер 7500



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